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Client: Anglican Retirement Villages

Project Manager: Capital Project Control

Architect: Environa

Structural Engineers: MEC

Extensive upgrade of existing retirement village in Jersey Road, Woollahra. The works comprise:

  • A new community centre.
  • New and refurbished units with improved access to units and to views.
  • Upgrading of circulation areas.

Building Structure: The building is located on a steeply sloping site with a deep profile of sand overlying sandstone rock. With the new works extending back into the slope carefully considered procedures for excavation and retention of the sand were required. The structure for the new building was constrained by the minimal floor-to-floor heights of the existing buildings to both the north and south. Maximum use was therefore made of walls as load bearing elements so as to minimise spans and slab thicknesses augmented by the incorporation of post-tensioning where technically and practically feasible.