12 Long Nose Point Seawall.jpg

Client: Leichhardt Municipal Council

Engineer: MEC

Contractor: AWB Contractors Pty Ltd

Project Description: This seawall, in common with many old seawalls on the shoreline of Sydney Harbour, was an old sandstone block wall that had become severely dilapidated due to its high exposure to wave action and poor foundation conditions. Following receipt of a report by MEC, Council decided to adopt our recommendation of repairing the wall and installing rock armour at its toe so as to stabilise the foundation. The works were carried out to the MEC design and completed in May 2008.

Engineering: MEC were engaged by Leichhardt Council in 2003 to investigate and provide a report on the seawall including recommendations for its repair. An inspection by divers revealed severe undercutting of the wall and extensive voids over its full length. The most reliable and high cost solution was to remove and reconstruct the wall on a piled foundation. MEC were of the view that a far more cost effective solution was to stabilise the toe of the wall using rock armour and then repair the wall. The rock armour has subsequently proven its effectiveness and it has created a haven for marine life.