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Client: Mirvac

Structural Engineer: MEC

Architect: Mirvac

Builder: Mirvac

 The suburban site was redeveloped to luxury units for retirees. There are 75 dwellings located in five pods up to five stories high above a ground floor podium and a large single level basement carpark.

MEC were engaged as the structural engineers for this project in August 2004. The superstructure is concrete framed with blade columns supporting a mix of reinforced and post-tensioned concrete slabs. A 400mm thick post tensioned flat plate was adopted for the main transfer slab at ground floor providing an economical and minimum thickness transfer structure. Movement control joints were introduced in the ground floor slab so as to limit gross movements due to concrete shrinkage and temperature changes. The concrete columns supporting the ground floor transfer slab are supported on bored concrete piles extending down approximately 6 metres to hard shale.